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About me

I discovered the practice in 2001 in a small yoga studio in Vienna, Austria. As my palms found their first anjali mudra (hands together in prayer at the heart), a feeling of familiarity and belonging came over me; I knew I was no stranger to this practice.

 Throughout the years, yoga has become a way of returning home to an honest, spacious place where I can work and live with clarity. I wish to create this space for my students, where one can mindfully allow themselves to unravel and explore in a safe environment.

 From my hometown of Ljubljana, Slovenia to Vienna, Austria to New York, I had many aspirations: being a dancer, becoming an actress. After several years of working in the entertainment field, I found myself in a yoga teacher training. At the time, I was not really certain why I was there, but something about it felt right.

 As the years go by and my practice evolves, I see a vast space of possibilities. It is from this space I wish to offer these teachings to others.

 I teach a smart, alignment-based vinyasa class. At times it can be vigorous, other times it is soft. I encourage a healthy attitude, include a grain of wisdom, and teach with a caring approach. At the end of the day, I wish to create a space for my students where they are able to see the boundless possibilities to flow intuitively and playfully, on and off the mat.

I completed my 200 hour teacher training at YogaWorks under the watchful eye of Jeanmarie Paollilo. I continued with my 300 hour certification at YogaWorks mentored by Anya Porter, known for her thoughtful and creative sequencing. I received a restorative training certification by the inspiring Jillian Pransky. As I continue my studies, I am forever grateful to my teachers who continue to inspire, question and guide me.