Happy Hips Happy Heart

Sunday February 24th, 12 - 2pm @ Yogaworks East

We'll explore a healthy relationship between mobility and stability of our hips. We'll give you tools to play with to enhance strength, range of motion and resilience, all needed for healthy joints. Be ready for a playful practice taking your hips on a ride of exploration and notice how the movement of the pelvis connects to the movement of the rest of the body. Whether you wish to gain knowledge that will effect your practice or you are / have been suffering from an injury, this practice will provide you with tools to add to your healing arsenal.

You will learn:

  • How to expand your range of motion and strengthen at the same time

  • How to create more space in the joints and build strength to sustain it

  • Playful exercises to take home and add to your practice and ideas how to perhaps approach your practice in a different way